Two world premiers and a wrap on Kill Me, Deadly!

The Interview

I’m pleased to announce that I’m working with old associates in order to bring about two world premier plays and they are The Interview  at Studio/Stage and Bottom of the World at The Vagrancy.

The Interview, Written by Susan Josephs and Directed by Dianna Wyenn, takes place in a not so distant future that may be. The government, having now implemented laws and regulations to control who can and cannot have children, is using its power to help ensure that no child is born into an unsuitable environment. The play follows the journey of Jenna (Jacqueline King) and Steven (Marshall Sullivan) as they attempt to complete the final step: An interview with Veronica (Melissa Sullivan). What secrets eventually come to light prove that not everyone is qualified to be a parent.

Runs October 4 – 27 at Studio/Stage. More info and tickets at

Bottom of the World, Written by Lucy Thurbur and Directed by Sabina Ptasznik, follows Abigail as she struggles to cope with the recent death of her sister, Kate. Her room,ate and friend, Susan, attempts to help her to no avail while also being bombarded by the recent separation of her own parents. As the story progresses, we also are guided into the life of Josh and Ely, brothers in the distant past who play as the main characters in Kate’s final novel. Will Abigail be able to rise up and continue to grow or will she be stuck at the bottom of the world?

Opens October 12 at The Vagrancy. For more information and tickets visit

And, ast but not least, the Film Noir Comedy that got its start on the Theater of N.O.T.E. stage has just finished principal photography on the full length feature film adaption. If you were a backer of the production thanks be to you once again. For more information on Kill Me, Deadly!, visit

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