Premiere of ‘Invisible Cities’ & praise for ‘The Interview’

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I’m here to provide an informational update on my latest productions, something that seems almost unnecessary as two of my three current productions have landed the L.A. Times front page slot within the past week. They are ‘The Interview ‘at Studio/Stage & ‘Invisible Cities’ at L.A. Union Station.

Invisible Cities is another production that I was called in to work on that takes a giant risk by attempting  what could be a potential disaster and turning it into a tremendous display of art and beauty.  Using the half of the bustling depot that is Los Angeles Union Station as a stage, The Industry has created a live, traversing, fully orchestrated, seventy minute opera that plays out without interfering with the standard operations of transit.  While the performances are freely exposed to all people within the station, the only thing that separates them from the individuals that pay the ticket price is a pair of headphones.  These headphones allow the patron to hear the orchestra and vocalization wherever they are in Union Station in addition to the standard display of mobile dancing, acting, and singing that normal viewers have access to.. You can find links below in regards to articles and the upcoming KCET special segment.

The Interview, still running at Studio/Stage for two more weeks, has been steadily attaining praise from numerous sources including news articles, radio, and even critical bloggers.  Tickets can be purchased online for a lower rate or, if you wish to risk a sold out performance, can still be attained at the door. Links in regards to The Interview can be found below.

Catch these performances before it’s too late!

Link: Invisible Cities

Link: Invisible Cities: KCET Special

Link: Invisible Cities: Pure Wow

Link: Invisible Cities: L.A. Times

Link: Invisible Cities : L.A. Daily

Link: The Interview

Link: The Interview: L.A. Times

Link: The Interview: KCRW

Link: The Interview: SLAM

Link: The Interview: Broadway World

Link: The Interview: Jewish Journal

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