‘Riot/Rebellion’ with W.V.T.C. and ‘Bill & Joan’ at Sacred Fools

Announcing another two shows that will seem to hold the slot for last of this year: ‘Riot/Rebellion’ with Watts Village Theater Company and ‘Bill & Joan’ at Sacred Fools.

‘Riot/Rebellion’ is a look back into the Watts Riots in the 1900’s. What is it that fueled the flames that burned for over 100 hours straight? What caused the breakdown in the once beautiful community and lead to it being the Watts we know of today? In this one hour show, official reports as well and testimonies from the survivors of the Watts Rebellion help to paint a cleaner and more detailed picture of what was really going on. Throughout the month of November at the Mafundi, you can get a chance to be entertained and educated all at the same time.

With only two more weeks of performances, you’ll want to be sure you attain your seat. Thursday – Saturday @ 8pm, Sunday’s @ 3pm. Closing performance on the 24th.
For tickets and more info visit

I’m also taking on a directorial role once again with Sacred Fools’ ‘Bill & Joan’. I’ll be working once again with Diana (Lead Director) & Lauren Wyenn (Costume Designer) from one of my noteable shows of the year, ‘The Interview’. In addition to being Asst. Director, I’ll also be the Prop Designer for the show itself. Final callbacks are being done today and our cast will be locked in within the closing of the weekend. More information will come later regarding this weighty and emotional piece, ‘Bill & Joan’.

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