‘A Balloon For Jamilah’ @ The Vision & an update on ‘Bill & Joan’.

Bill & Joan


As part of the celebration of Kwanzaa and in league with the Readers Workshop, I’ll be stage managing a performed reading of Debra Morris’, ‘A Balloon For Jamilah‘, directed by Ursaline Bryant.  The short tale follows the life and sorrow of Little Mother and her two daughters after they loose everything in a disastrous hurricane, forced to live with the other survivors in Tent City. Little Mother leaves her eldest daughter in charge as she searches for the items of her daughters wishes, the youngest begging her mother for numerous material and worldly possessions while her eldest daughter wishes to have only one thing: A balloon. A simple pleasure that once was at the heart of their balloon business. Before the tale comes to an end, one learns about greed, one learns of heart ache, and one beast learns to love.

A Balloon For Jamilah‘ will be performed @ The Vision Theater, 3341 W. 43rd Pl, Los Angeles, CA. The first two performances will be on Saturday, Dec. 28 at 1pm and 4pm with follow up performances on Sunday, Dec. 29, 1pm and 4:30pm. All performances are open to the public.


In other news, ‘Bill & Joan‘, a play that unfolds the story surrounding William Burroughs & Joan Vollmer, will be my first production of my 2014 season. Written by Jon Bastian and directed by Diana Wyenn, I’m serving as Asst. Director and Prop Master/Designer. Tickets are now available via the link below and more information can be viewed at the webpage of Sacred Fools. As we get closer to the opening performance on Jan. 24, ’14, I’ll be sure to post information in regards to readings and events connected to the play and in recognition of 100 years of William Burroughs.

The Vision Theater:

Sacred Fools:

Bill & Joan:

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