W.V.T.C. & Animo Watts – Producing Another New Play

Since 2012, Watts Village Theater Company and the Green Dot Charter High Schools have worked together to create student performed productions while concurrently educating them about the theatrical world, their community, and cooperation. Year one held the play ‘Simply Maria’ at its core and was performed solely by the students of Animo Watts. After its success, they continued forward into 2013 and rose the bar even higher. The process behind ‘UNLockeD’ involved writing an entirely new play with the students being included in the writing workshops. Dance and music was then incorporated and the cast and crew was expanded to include students from ll of the Green Dot Charter High Schools. In 2014, the joint production returns to focusing on Animo Watts High School but takes things even further in terms of creation and education.

More information about the production will be posted as time passes and another public update is made. For now, there’s a promotional video that recaps what had happened in the previous years with ‘Simply Maria’ and ‘UNLockeD’ and what they students took from the experience. View it, share it, and look forward to a new play being performed in May.

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