Emmy Award, Hollywood Heart, & ‘Rise & Shine’


Yes, above is the logo for my next big production. But, as it should be, I’ll be saving the best for last. Starting off this update is the continuing benefits from a the opera that I worked on last year, The Industry & LA Dance Project’s live production out of Union Station, ‘Invisible Cities’. The KCET Documentary feature on us that aired in December 2013 detailing our work and the history of our production was awarded with an Emmy Award for Entertainment Programming. Congratulations to the team once again.

Rise & Shine (I Thought I Was White) 
With open previews beginning September 12, Anil Kumar Bhardwaj’s ‘Rise & Shine: (I Thought I Was White)’ will debut at the Let Live Theatre @ The Actors Company. I’ll be working again with Off-Chance Productions, the same company behind the Hollywood Fringe Festival ’14 Extension of ‘Maria Conchita Alfonso Alfonso Alfonso’. I’ll be providing more information in a future update but, if you’d like to look into the production now and begin purchasing your tickets, you can visit the link below.

Camp Hollywood Heart
Lasting from August 10th – 17th, I’ll be serving as the Stage Manager for this years Camp Hollywood Heart in Malibu, California. Entering its second decade, Camp Hollywood Heart brings nearly 100 young adults affected by HIV/AIDs from across the United States to spend an entire week learning their choice of artistic design and theatrical expression including Acting, Creative Writing, Documentary Filming, Fashion Design, Culinary Design, Music, and Visual Arts. Their efforts are then accumulated into creating a one day performance for thousands of attendees. For more in-depth information about the work that we will be doing, its importance, what you can do to help in other Hollywood Heart efforts check out the links below. If you’d like to purchase a ticket and attend the performance itself, a direct is also present for that.


Link: Rise & Shine (I Thought I Was White) – Main

Link: Rise & Shine – Youtube Page

Link: Hollywood Heart -Main

Link: Camp Hollywood Heart Gala Tickets

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