Navarasa Dance Theater at AKKA; OMNI Youth Music & Actor Awards


Rise & Shine is just around the corner and tickets are already selling out for opening weekend so hurry and get yours soon! For now I’d like to make an announcement about the Navarasa Dance Theater performing at AKKA in San Jose & the OMNI Youth Music & Actor Awards.

A Story and A Song

With their astounding and breathtaking performances spanning from India to the United States, The Navarasa Dance Theater has been asked to attend the 8th Annual AKKA Kannada Conference to display one of their productions for the masses in San Jose on day one with yours truly serving as Stage Manager for the international company. The event itself is a testament towards the pride that the Kannadigas have in the achievements that their community has attained, a grand scale celebration of their accomplishments, and a vow to continue growing, learning, and achieving even more.

Our production, ‘A Story and A Song’, Conceptualized and Written by S M Raju & Aparna Sindhoor, Directed and Choreographed by Aparna Sindhoor & Anil Natyaveda, & with Music by Prasanna, is a tale of women, environment and love told with wit and dynamic interplay of classical dance (Bharatanatyam), martial art (Kalari ppyattu), yoga, aerial dance, theater and music. Derived from a Kannada folk tale, it’s the story of a woman who can become a flowering tree and, while she’s exploring the beauty of nature, love and compassion, catches the attention of a prince and they fall in love. But trouble brews for the passionate newlyweds when the prince’s sister discovers her sister-in-law’s secret. For more information on attending the performance, or in the three day event itself, please visit the links below.

OMNI Youth Music & Actor Awards

The 11th Annual Omni Youth Music & Actor Awards Ceremony, once again with special ceremonies host Louis Gossett Jr., will be held on Sunday, September 7th. The ceremony itself bestows awards to young performers in Music and Acting and also serves as a philanthropic event to raise funds for programs that benefit youths, honoring celebrities and other profile members of the Entertainment Industry and Arts Community who give back to youths and encourage them to develop the fullness of their talents. For more information about the ceremony, please visit the link below.

Link: ‘Rise & Shine: I Thought I Was White’ – Main Site

Link: Navarasa Dance Theater – Main Site

Link: ‘A Story and A Song’ – Performance at 8th AKKA Kannada Conference in San Jose

Link: OMNI Youth Music & Actor Awards – Main Site

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