Y.W.P. ’15, Niagra Falls, WVTC & Green Dot, and MORE!!!



Despite it being only the second month of 2015, I’m currently working on an abundance of productions, some of which I’m unable to reveal all the details about just yet. Keep an eye out though as I will update you all when the time comes. As such, I’ll speaking about a number of projects in this massive update. I’ll first focus on the two productions that have the featured image this month:

Niagara FallsThe Young Writers Project 2015

Niagara Falls

Premiering this weekend at Theatre of NOTE as the first theatrical production of 2015, Niagara Falls is the story of Jack and Avery Perch, two individuals simply wanting to enjoy their honeymoon. The mood that one would expect to accompany a romantic trip to Niagara Falls can’t seem to embrace the newlyweds as doubts about their speedy nuptials, the unfortunate hotel room accommodations, and a constantly interrupting concierge abound. Matters only go from bad to worse when a mysterious event sends both of them on a chase through nearby carnival…and a parallel universe. A dark, romantic comedy, Niagara Falls takes up the torch for love and romance almost burns down the house with it.

Previews Feb. 13, 14, & 20th; Runs Feb. 21 – March 28

For more information & tickets, visit Theatre of NOTE.

The Young Writers Project 2015

Eight years after having participated in this annual production as a student finalist, I’ll be once again aiding other students to bring their amazing work from the page to our stage. After months of writing workshops and reading through dozens of submitted plays, five different finalist from So. Cal. high schools have been selected once again to have their words be transformed into a fully staged performance. Not only do they get the full professional treatment, working alongside a director and production team to make sure that their vision is everything that could have ever wished, each finalist is rewarded with scholarship funding. It’s my pleasure to be a participant of YWP once again, this time as an actor, designer, and stage manager, and help to ensure that these students continue to create art and understand how vital it is for them to never give up on their talents and expand upon them.

Performances are Feb. 21, 22, 28, & March 1 at Theatre of NOTE.

Watts Village Theater Company & GreenDot Charter High Schools

Speaking of productions that involve working with youths, I’m pleased to announce that the partnership between WVTC & The GreenDot Charter High Schools continues. I am once again returning as Stage Manager of this educational and extraordinary endeavor. We have already begun our educational classes and are currently teaching 50 select students through our workshops that encompass the aspects of writing , acting, dancing, singing, and production design. They will then use their own talents in conjunction with what they are learning to create and perform in a brand new play for their peers and community that they themselves will have written. Stay tuned for more information regarding the 4th year of this partnership.

Performances are currently marked for April 30, May 1, 2. For more information visit Watts Village Theater Company or review my posts regarding productions from previous years.

 Hollywood Heart, ‘Rise & Shine’ Tour, Films, Etc.

I’m pleased to announce that I will be returning to work with Hollywood Heart again at their annual Camp Hollywood Heart Gala in August. After being introduced to the company by a production associate of mine and serving as stage manager for the duration of the event last year, the positive impact that I had on their program and structure has lead to them to request I continue as an annual participant. What I did to help them in terms of managing the event pales in comparison to how much they do for the youths that are the focus of their programs all year long and how much of an effect that the participants themselves had upon me. I am excited that they wish for me to continue working with them and I highly suggest that anyone who has the capability to aid them does so, whether it be in donations or volunteering their time. In short, they positively impact the lives of youths affected by HIV/AIDs throughout the country using art. Even that short sentence doesn’t do justice to all that they do and how much of affect the lives of the participants and volunteers alike. For more information and to see how you too can get involved, visit Hollywood Heart.

Last year I worked with an amazing and talented team to bring to the stage a production called Rise & Shine [I Thought I Was White]. Despite how many people attend each of the performances, always leaving with smiles on their faces and tears in their eyes from how moving the piece, we weren’t able to accommodate everyone who wished to see the production before its eventual close. To those who thought they had missed out during our run at Let Live, I’m happy to finally confirm the rumors regarding the tour of Anil Kumar’s Rise & Shine [I Thought I Was White]. Keep an eye out during future posts about where and when I will be stage managing this emotional and enlightening production.

Kill Me, Deadly, a full length film noir comedy that spawned from a stage play that started at Theatre of NOTE, recently received Best Director & Best Supporting Actor in the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival 2015. Congrats to the Kill Me, Deadly team!

For the first time ever, the general public will be able to attend the 35th Annual Razzie Awards at The Montalban in Hollywood! Why might I be mentioning this? Could it have something to do with a previously undisclosed short that I appeared in alongside one of the hosts specifically for this event? It might just be. And it might be related to Zombies and Birdman.

Another feature film that I’m part of is currently in the works. All I can say for now is that it is a film adaption of one of the many theatrical productions that I worked on last year and it is already gaining attention. Keep an eye out during future production posts as more information is revealed about this future film.

Hollywood Fringe Festival 2015 – Design The Guide

As many know, I have been and continue to be a regular participant of the Hollywood Fringe Festival. As of February 1st, registration to participate has been opened. There is one more detail though. What everyone may not know though is that, in order to help maintain the spirit of the Fringe and promote the art and community aspect that comes with it, the Hollywood Fringe Festival Program is actually designed by a new person each year. Who is that person? YOU! A contest is held each year in which people design and submit their versions of the guide and the appearance of the Fringe Freaks, the mascots of the Hollywood Fringe Festival. For more information on this years contest & rewards or to check out previous winners visit the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

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