Camp Hollywood HEART


Camp Hollywood HEART & Performance Gala

As more and more young people infected with – or affected by – HIV/AIDS approach adulthood, new programs are needed to offer support, mentorship, career options, and professional opportunities for success.

In 1995, Entertainment Executive David Gale founded Hollywood HEART, inspired by the desire to give youth who lived in the shadow of HIV/AIDS a summer camping experience to overcome the intolerance they experience in their daily lives. Now, after over 20 years with  over 100 events and thousands of participants, Hollywood HEART will be turning dreams into reality once more through our continued partnership with One Heartland with the 2016 Camp Hollywood HEART and Gala.

I’m spending this week as the Stage Manager of the camp & gala, working alongside other experienced artists and mentors, as we provide nearly 100 youths ages 15 – 20 with comprehensive instruction and training in their chosen art, steering them in the right direction for pursuing their creative passions. Once again, the youth will be given the opportunity to interact positively with arts professionals and peers as they explore their creativity and receive both personal and career-centered insight. On Saturday, August 20th, the camp will culminate with a professionally produced live performance in which each of our young artists are empowered to showcase their creativity and artistic vision before the entire camp community and an an outside audience.

In addition, all participants get to choose from exciting daily elective programs such as comic book artistry, stunt choreography, photography, and more, providing campers with a well rounded experience beyond their initial focus. The camp also provides a variety of fun, enlightening experiences ranging from performances and workshops by well-known entertainers to hiking trips and basking in the sun in the beautiful beach adjacent mountains of Malibu, CA.

If you would like to attend the 2016 Hollywood HEART Gala on Saturday, August 20th (Dinner @ 6pm; Performance @ 7pm), you can visit to RSVP now.

If you’d like to participate in future Hollywood HEART events, show your support, or learn  more about the company, visit

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