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An individual both skilled and capable of working on the design and management side of a theatrical, television, or film production as well as the ability to perform in them.

     Currently serving on the Board of Directors for Theatre of NOTE and one of the founding members of the educational virtual reality company Shakespeare in the Sphere, Aaron Saldaña began his production career after becoming a finalist in Theatre of NOTE’s Young Writers Project ’07 and working for two years on the Long Beach educational broadcast channel Ed.TV while still in high school at Long Beach Polytechnic.

     Upon completion of his education and the publication of two books, he returned to Theatre of NOTE as a full-fledged member where he continued to expand and enhance his skill set as a Stage Manager, Prop/Audio/Lighting Designer, Actor, Director, and more. His past and ongoing productions have associated him with Theatre of NOTE, Bad Hindu, The Industry, Navarasa Dance Theatre, Hollywood Heart, J. B. Mister Pinc Productions, Son of Semele, Watts Village Theater Company, Studio/Stage, and numerous other theatrical & film production companies on a local, national, and international level. His past productions have earned numerous awards and commendations including LA Picks, Ovation Awards/Nominations, NAACP awards, Pulitzer Prizes, and more.

Additional Facts of Interest

  • Is the only Y.W.P. participant to have two plays selected for the finals in a single year.
  • Spent two years working on the television channel Ed.TV developing live broadcast productions and short films.
  • Has participated in the management side of the Hollywood Fringe Festival each year since its inception in 2011.
  • One of the founding members of Shakespeare In The Sphere, a production company which merges the collected works of Shakespeare with mobile Virtual Reality to advance art education, accessibility, & understanding.
  • Is the annual Stage Manager of Hollywood HEART’s Camp Hollywood HEART. A one week program that focuses on positively impacting the lives of youth affected by HIV/AIDs and providing them with artistic & real world applicable advancement opportunities.