The World Premiere of Entropy: The Face of Pro99

 Edit: Reviews at the bottom The year is 1973. NASA and the crew of the Space Shuttle Zeus III are prepared to take you along for the comedic ride as … Continue reading

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‘RIDE’ ‘A Ballon…’ to ‘Escape the Missing Pieces of Reality’ before the space adventure ‘Entropy’

During these next two months a number of productions I’ve been working on will open including two world premieres. Before speaking about my immediate productions, I’d like to quickly acknowledge … Continue reading

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Y.W.P. ’15, Niagra Falls, WVTC & Green Dot, and MORE!!!

    Despite it being only the second month of 2015, I’m currently working on an abundance of productions, some of which I’m unable to reveal all the details about … Continue reading

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20th Annual Theatre of NOTE Hollywood Performance Marathon

It’s that time of year again! For more details visit Theatre of NOTE or click an image below.

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‘Rise & Shine’ Premiers at the Let Live Theater w/ special presentations; ‘Ride’ & ‘Gracie & Rose’

Rise & Shine: I Thought I Was White After months of work and numerous posts regarding the impending premier performance, the time has finally arrived! The talented Anil Kumar Bhardwaj‘s … Continue reading

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Navarasa Dance Theater at AKKA; OMNI Youth Music & Actor Awards

Rise & Shine is just around the corner and tickets are already selling out for opening weekend so hurry and get yours soon! For now I’d like to make an … Continue reading

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Emmy Award, Hollywood Heart, & ‘Rise & Shine’

Yes, above is the logo for my next big production. But, as it should be, I’ll be saving the best for last. Starting off this update is the continuing benefits … Continue reading

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Hollywood Fringe Festival 2014

The Hollywood Fringe Festival is back and this year we have 55 performance spaces hosting almost 300 shows forming nearly 1,500 performances throughout central Hollywood What is the Hollywood Fringe … Continue reading

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A Pulitzer Prize Production & 2 new shows!

The fastest and quickest mark shall go first. The production that I worked on out of Union Station in 2013, ‘Invisible Cities’, has been marked as a 2014 Pulitzer Prize … Continue reading

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W.V.T.C. & Animo Watts – Producing Another New Play

Since 2012, Watts Village Theater Company and the Green Dot Charter High Schools have worked together to create student performed productions while concurrently educating them about the theatrical world, their … Continue reading

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